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Industries: Real Estate

Despite a more positive outlook for the future, constraints within the real estate industry continues. Nonetheless, subsectors such as infrastructure and others will continue to develop as real estate remains a refuge in investors’ minds, especially in bad times.

The CFI group foresees an increase of international transactions, from strategic alliances, acquisitions, or mergers that will benefit from economies of scale and gain access to new geographical markets.


The infrastructure industry has largely escaped the credit crunch and growth prospects appear solid in most parts of the world. Renewable energies and utilities, road & highways, ports, airports, railways and telecommunications are regarded as major growth areas and are expected to provide the greatest opportunity in the world economy.

The main challenges for continued growth in infrastructure transactions for the year ahead remain pricing and funding. The members of the CFI group support clients on international deals and financing projects.

Real Estate

Investors and companies in general, expect to find opportunities within the real estate’s subsectors such as office, hotel, retail, industrial, mixed use and residential.

Retail will continue to be on the top spot amongst the property types and the hotel sector is still phenomenally active around the world. The CFI group expects more and more international cross-border transactions in the near future.

M&A, valuations, financing and restructuring, sale & lease-back operations are part of the CFI group’s work on a daily basis. The service is provided mainly to multinational and mid-cap companies and to private investors, family offices, banks and the public sector.


The construction industry is set to see a slow return to growth over the next few years after the worldwide recession.

The CFI group’s challenge is to design creative solutions and our approach is driven by understanding our clients and the countries’ dynamics. From mergers and acquisitions to strategic alliances, joint ventures and financing, CFI offers a wide range of international services to mid-cap companies.

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